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Hey everybody it's Draven, I am a huge fan of cooking. My blog will be about cooking tips and techniques as well as my favorite recipes and dishes to serve. I hope that anyone who reads my page will find that it's useful in their cooking adventures. To learn about my new ideas and personal favorites check back every few days or so. I will be posting new recipes I have tried as well as tips to help your cooking "career" be a successful and enjoyable one. Feel free to leave comments about what could be changed to help benefit my blog. Thank you so much, Draven.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

HELP haha

I need help. I've been reading about how to spread my love of cooking around the web, through more than blogspot, don't get me wrong blogspot is letting me meet new people and sharing my ideas and stuff but i hear web hosting can help? Can anyone explain how that will help me? Or make any other suggestions on how to "expand"... COMMENT : )


  1. Networking. Get twitter, youtube, stumbleupon, reggit, digg, facebook, myspace, etc. Add site to google, yahoo, bing, etc. Helps a lot!

  2. yeah, reddit is amazing for getting ppl

  3. I think networking. Join some forums, post a lot and have a link in your signature to your blog.

    Also, have twitter and facebook pages.

  4. How can stumbleupon help iv had it for awhile..but didnt know it could help.? as well as youtube?